Creative MED
Project MED CAP

Integration of capitalized projects outcomes

Outputs integration of the MedLab, SMILIES, Texmedin and other projects is supposed to develop the draft version of the integrated model to be fed into the Policy Learning process.
First step is to generate a draft framework to be developed through the analysis of the project outputs and related pilot experiences and case studies.
Work package leader : Consorzio ARCA

Policy learning

This activity coordinates interaction with the three workgroups (Advisory Board, Local and Regional awareness sessions, Expert Community meetings) in order to capture the insights emerging from the on-the-ground activities with the different stakeholder communities and feed them back into the Draft Model’s development path.
Following the Policy Learning model, the different aspects of problem setting, lesson drawing, and social learning are integrated to enrich the Draft Model and ensure its relevance for concrete policy uptake at the local and regional levels and the ultimate impact of the discussion draft version of the White Paper to be presented and discussed at the Athens Conference at the end of the project.
Work package leader : E-Zavod

White Paper

This activity consolidates the Policy learning process on the basis of the interaction with external stakeholders and feedback from the Athens Conference. The objective is to ensure that the White Paper is aligned with policy values and intentions at all levels, from EU 2020’s Flagship Initiatives and Smart Specialisation at the Commission level, to regional strategies for ERDF OPs for the 2014-2020 period. The White Paper thus aims to constitute a unitary policy framework to convey the Creative MED model at the EU, Regional, and local implementation levels in a logic of “deep” capitalization and macro-regional policy coherence for the MED space.
Work package leader: Consorzio ARCA