Creative MED
Project MED CAP

Formation of workgroups

This activity defines the three working groups for the Policy Learning process: the Advisory Board, the 12 Local and Regional Actors groups and the Expert Community
For each group, three levels of participation will be identified: those who participate in the
transnational workgroup meetings, those who will participate in local meetings, and those who will participate through on-line interaction.
Work package leader : Municipality of Prato

Policy integration

Policy integration develops the Creative MED Draft Model together with the Advisory Board composed of EU, national, and regional policy-makers, validating feasibility with respect to different policy programmes and instruments.
Work will focus on building consensus for concrete application especially within the Smart Specialisation strategy, in a framework of macro-regional coordination across the MED space.
The Advisory Board coordinator, mixing meetings held in the context of Open Days 2013 in Brussels and the Athens Conference in May 2014, will manage interaction.
Work package leader : Chamber of Commerce of Seville