Creative MED
Project MED CAP

General description of the project

In the depressed environment created throughout the MED region by the public debt crisis, it becomes increasingly urgent to leverage territorial and cultural capital to co-design new service and business models that may favor the transformation of innovative and creative entrepreneurship ideas into economic well-being and prosperity. Several MED projects – both completed and on-going – have demonstrated a high level of motivation, creativity and innovation, involving public authorities, economic stakeholders, SMEs, young entrepreneurs and citizens in general.
Indeed, specific policy insights gained from different experiences foretell the emergence of a new socio-economic model related to Smart Specialisation whose confines are still being defined. This involves aspects such as cultural anchoring, open network organizations, innovation mixes blending advanced technologies with traditional crafts, social learning, and shared values related to sustainability and equal opportunities.

CreativeMED capitalizes outcomes of MEDLAB, SMILIES, TEXMEDIN, CHORD, SOSTENUTO, MEDGOVERNANCE, and other related projects to develop a framework for bottom-up Smart Specialisation based on cultural anchoring, open network organizations, innovation mixes, collective learning, and shared values.
CreativeMED adopts a Policy Learning approach, first integrating project outcomes to-define a draft policy model and then co-designing its development together with three workgroups: Policy Makers, Local and Regional Actors in the 12 participating regions, and the Expert Community. The main outputs are a White Paper targeted to EU, national and regional levels and a practical on-line Toolkit and Guidelines to support take-up among local and regional actors.
CreativeMED involves 12 partners in 12 regions of 8 countries, with the City of Prato (IT) leading a partnership of public authorities, chambers of commerce, development agencies, and sector and policy research bodies.

Aim of the project

CreativeMED aims to capitalise the pathbreaking experiences of MED projects focusing on Smart Specialisation as a driving force for the creation of economic value. The project will integrate results from MEDLAB, SMILIES, TEXMEDIN, CHORD, SOSTENUTO, MEDGOVERNANCE and other to draft a bottom-up development model – supported by public actors and in coordination with local stakeholders.

The project will combine outputs of former projects - and related pilot experiences and case studies – to deliver an integrated development model that will be fed into the Policy Learning process. The project’s methodology will provide criterias for problem setting, lesson drawing, and social learning such as to ensure relevance and concrete policy uptake at different levels.

The project will deliver a “self-diagnostics” tool box to help regions draft their development strategies based on assessment of opportunities, needs and available resources at local and regional level. The tool box will promote the adoption of successful good practices, experiences, methodologies, etc. by local contexts, maximise intraregional creativity, and enhance interregional knowledge spillovers for innovation.

The project will also contribute to actions and strategies for the next programming period by providing a White Paper with“MED specific” policy insights and recommendations. The Paper will provide a framework for validation of successful innovations and transfer know-how for maximum policy impact.