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What is MED Programme ?

The MED programme is a transnational programme of European territorial cooperation. It is financed by the European Union as an instrument of its regional policy and of its new programming period. It continues the tradition of the European programmes for cooperation (previously named Interreg).
The transnational setup allows the programme to tackle territorial challenges beyond national boundaries, such as environmental risk management, international business or transport corridors. So far, 144 projects have been programmed, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) up to a rate of 85%.

With a budget of more than 250M€ (whose 193M€ of ERDF), the Programme will launch, until exhaustion of its ERDF envelope, calls for projects to build transnational partnerships aiming at meeting the priority objectives of the Programme in the Mediterranean space.

What is capitalization ?

The MED Programme is entering in a new strategic phase: the collection of lessons learnt and orientations for the elaboration of the new programming period. The capitalization activities implemented are fundamental to understand how to build the new programme based on results achieved. The MED capitalisation approach is composed of various elements, such as an animated clustering process together with MED projects (various events have been carried out for this reason), a call for - and from spring 2013 onwards - the realisation of capitalization projects, dedicated activities within the strategic, but also standard projects, to name the main elements only.

More information:

The MED Programme Project Library

The MED library includes a selection of call projects' final publications.