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The policy innovations introduced by the Smart Specialisation approach are putting significant pressure on regional programming authorities to adapt to new procedures, new approaches, new stakeholders, and new policy processes.

By their very nature, the kind of policy measures foreseen are themselves innovative, so there are very few methodological guidelines to follow. The S3 Platform supported by the IPTS in Seville is providing a series of tools for guidance, but there is already for instance a long waiting list for the peer-to-peer workshops requested by individual regions. DG Regio published in March 2013 a Guide to Social Innovation, but while this is an excellent guidebook it is unclear how regions should reconcile these new approaches with existing constituencies such as industrial clusters or university research centres.

This is where the contribution of Territorial Cooperation programmes such as MED comes in. Little known by most programming authorities, the kind of policy experimentation with exploratory innovation methods foreseen for Smart Specialisation has already been taking place within the same regional settings for years. The problem has been that - above and beyond the typical silos tendency to ignore activities in neighbouring departments - these projects have a level of granularity that is difficult to incorporate into the broad policy objectives required to frame a Smart Specialisation Strategy, having dealt with specific topics in a pilot-project approach, in initiatives lasting at most 30 months.

Creative MED addresses this issue by integrating the results of several previous MED projects dealing with creativity and innovation into a coherent policy model. This model maintains the evidence base of the individual activities carried out while deriving bottom-up a strategic framework at a level that is compatible with what policy makers need to do to define and carry out a Smart Specialisation Strategy. The aim of Creative MED is thus to test the degree to which this approach can provide added value by integrating the results of Territorial Cooperation within the S3 policy process in the 12 participating regions... 

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