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Advisory Board

 According to the Creative Med Application Form, the Advisory Board is constituted of policy makers at the EU, Member State and Regional MA levels.

The Advisory Board has the aim to assess the feasibility and effectiveness of the Creative Med Model and its coherence with respect to European Programmes - especially EU2020 and Smart Specialization - and within the specific national and regional priorities in the MED Space. It contributes at the preparation of the Green Paper explaining the Model.


Synthesis of Advisory Board consultation


The Advisory Board members’ evaluation of the Green Paper has specific and common elements.

Firstly they agree that one of the main consideration of Creative MED resides in asserting the difference between the traditional innovation policies and the emergent meaning of


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Composition and activities of the Advisory Board


A short list of high-level policy people proposed by the partners has been asked to participate; a few people available so far in the evaluation gather different know how and experiences on Capitalization processes, national and regional


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