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Expert Community meetings

Τhe Expert Community is composed of universities and research centres as well as consultants and experts who provide technical assistance to public authorities in the MED programme and for the implementation of ERDF funds in general.

A Core Group of this community is composed by the team of external experts hired by the partners for performing different tasks in Creative Med. This Core Group has been constituted in Summer 2013 and had a first meeting in Palermo in September 2013. It worked until February 2014 to produce different inputs, based on capitalized projects results, for issuing the Creative Med Model (Green Paper).

Since February the Expert Community has been informally enlarged to members of local groups who had been proposed as members of the Advisory Board, but could not be integrated in it due to the limitation of members of this Advisory decided by the Consortium.

Based on the Green Paper individual partners have started since September to collect first feedback on the Green Paper from these experts from February to April through local bilateral meetings with them.

In April it has been decided, in order to have a structured and exploitable feedback, to elaborate an online questionnaire based on main points made by the Green Paper. This questionnaire was elaborated by the Core Group of Experts with contributions, in the form of questions to be included in it, by all partners.

In parallel the partners were asked to provide the names of additional experts to be included in the Expert Community and coming from their local groups, as the target is to get at least 50 answers from the online questionnaire.


The questionnaire should be put online at the end of May 2014 and the selected experts invited to answer to the questions either through interviews or directly online until mid-June 2014, when a first consolidation and assessment of the feedback received on the Green Paper will be presented to the partners in order to draw first conclusions on the contents of the planned White Paper.

A new round of consultation in the form of webinars, face to face bilateral meetings (physical and online) is planned in June and July to comment the first drafts of the White Paper and guide the work for the Toolkit.

A third and final round is planned in August and September to get feedback on the final White Paper and the initial versions of the Toolkit.

As soon as some conclusive feedback results will be collected and elaborated they will be published on this page.

For further information you can ask: Thanos Contargyris (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), in charge of leading these activities on behalf of Entrepreneuship Development Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Rethymno.