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Local and Regional awareness sessions

Activity 4.3 “Local and regional actors” involved the engagement of local networks of local actors “on the ground” in each one of the twelve participating regions. Representatives of regional authorities, administration, business community, associations, NGOs, research institutions, were involved in a mixed strategy of awareness-raising and interactive debate on the relevance and applicability of the CreativeMED model. The outcomes of this approach were fed into the integrated policy learning process of Task 3.2 “Policy Learning”.

Main objectives of the working groups formed under this activity can be summarized as follows:

  1. To promote the CreativeMED development model to local actors;
  2. To get feedback on the CreativeMED Green Paper and expectations of the WG members concerning the White Paper and the Toolkit that CreativeMED should deliver;
  3. To support their interest and involvement in RIS3 elaboration and seek synergies between the CreativeMED and the regional RIS3;
  4. To influence the development of the regional RIS3 through a bottom up approach and facilitate the integration CreativeMED in the regional RIS3;
  5. To disseminate results of capitalized projects within CreativeMED and discuss their capitalization prospects in the involved regions.  

The consolidated report for this activity is available here.

S3 workshop in Slovenia

S3 workshop in Slovenia (May 2014)