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Technical Group in Seville

27th September 2013

The purpose of the meeting was to find synergies and help each other between Creative MED and IPTS.  In this regard the IPTS could give help to CreativeMED partners to get in contact in with people responsible for drafting the S3 in their regions/countries. Secondly through the S3 platform they could help in bridging the gap between ETC and regions. 

On the other hand, CreativeMED could give support to IPTS and in particular :

  • Help filling the information regarding the Mediterranean macro region
  • Developing the indicators system for S3 recognized by IPTS as a major hole in their works
  • Helping  “our” regions in drafting S3

Palermo meeting


19th September 2013:

Elaboration of a flip chart where the six categories of the Creative MED model as proposed and discussed in Prato


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