Creative MED
Project MED CAP

The Creative MED White Paper sets forth a ‘Mediterranean model of innovation’ that builds on the results of previous transnational innovation initiatives and has been validated through interaction with policy makers, experts, and local actors in 12 Mediterranean regions and applied to on-going processes for the definition of regional innovation strategies for the 2014-2020 programming period. The White Paper thus aims to make a substantial contribution to our understanding of the potential contribution of innovation to regional well-being as well as the policy processes through which to attain that goal, with a specific emphasis on the Mediterranean area’s needs and potentials.

Creative MED is one of the 13 Capitalisation projects of the ETC (European Territorial Cooperation) MED Programme, aiming to integrate and promote the results of previous transnational projects in view of the 2014-2020 programming period. Creative MED in particular focused on innovation, and thus aimed at contributing to the ongoing process of Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) definition in the MED space Regions.

Indeed, the Smart Specialisation approach is itself a significant policy innovation, which operationalizes Europe 2020 objectives in the depressed environment created by the financial and growth crisis. It requires Regional stakeholders to select and prioritize shared areas of innovation where comparative advantage exists or can be achieved over external competition in the short to medium run.

This activity, although focused on the search for global excellence, does not occur in a vacuum or according to a standard recipe, but is deeply rooted in territorial conditions – actors, dynamics, governance systems, networks and value chains – and incorporates social and institutional aspects alongside scientific and industrial innovation concepts. S3 definition is also a continuous improvement process, based on trial and error, which implies the adoption of a multivariate evaluation system in its support, and ultimately the acquisition and cultivation of a considerable learning capacity within all the stakeholders involved.

In this context, the specific MED projects that constitute the Creative MED baseline have highlighted the existence of a common, ‘Mediterranean Way’ to territorial development, based on Collective Creativity, which has been our first task to identify, describe and interpret. Creative MED has integrated the main outcomes of these experiences to formulate a coherent policy model, which maintains the evidence base of the individual activities carried out while deriving bottom-up a strategic framework at a level that is compatible with what policy makers need to do to define, carry out and revise a Smart Specialisation Strategy.


Presentation of Creative MED White Paper